Lake Star Restaurant

Restaurant on the ground floor for complimentary breakfast and à la carte menu for lunch and dinner. 10 percent service charge and 13% VAT is added to your total as a standard practice.




Enjoy barbecue of your choice with drinks available right in the hotel garden. Pay extra for drinks.


$50 / Once / Per Guest

Laundry Service

Laundry Service is available at the hotel. Call the reception for the order. You will get your laundry cleaned, dried and pressed the next day or same evening depending on the situation. This facility is based on demand.


$10 / Per Instance / Per Guest

Pokhara Sightseeing

Book a sightseeing tour in Pokhara right easily with a reception call. Pokhara Valley has a lot to offer and you will be amazed with this service. Price includes salary of the tour guide for the day. Entry fees to certain heritages and Lake boating can be paid on the go or prepaid as per your choice.


$100 / Per Day / Per Guest

Car Rental

Car rental is available at the reception. This can be used for any transportation purposes of sightseeing and other services.


$60 / Per Day / Per Accommodation